Тираж книги «Тайная история саха» — II прибыл в Якутск
Сегодня, 17 октября в Якутск прибыл тираж второго издания книги «Тайная история Саха». Об этом SakhaLife сообщил автор книги Афанасий НИКОЛАЕВ, ...

Дженнифер Энистон вытеснила Меган Маркл из Книги рекордов Гиннесса
Рекорд был зафиксирован представителями Книги рекордов Гиннесса. Таким образом, Энистон обошла принца Гарри и Меган Маркл, которые набрали ...

Три книги по психологии, которые помогут преодолеть осеннюю хандру
Тем не менее главный герой книги Джона «Большая пятерка для жизни: приключение продолжается» — реальный канадский предприниматель. Жак ...

В Владимире открылась выставка одной редчайшей книги
15 октября в выставочном центре "Палаты" Владимиро-Суздальского музея-заповедника открылась экспозиция редчайшей книги - пяти томов Ветхого ...

Мединского уличили в экстремизме из-за книги о татарах-«сосальщиках дани»
Автор обращения Артур Сабитов обратил внимание на спорные тезисы Мединского о татарах и привел несколько цитат из книги. В частности ...

Ashok Bardhan Global Housing Markets. Crises, Policies, and Institutions

A global look at the reasons behind the recent economic collapse, and the responses to it The speculative bubble in the housing market began to burst

Дополнения к познанию России

С.-Петербург. 1907 год. Издание А. С. Суворина. Владельческий переплет с сохранением обложек. Посмертное издание с портретом автора. Сохранность хорошая

Gudni Adalsteinsson The Liquidity Risk Management Guide. From Policy to Pitfalls

Liquidity risk is in the spotlight of both regulators and management teams across the banking industry. The European banking regulator has introduced

Noripah Kamso Investing In Islamic Funds. A Practitioner's Perspective

A guide to Islamic investment opportunities from the CEO of the world’s leading Islamic finance bank Offering an insider’s perspective on a rapidly gr

Очерки общественного хозяйства и экономической политики России

Прижизненное издание. Санкт-Петербург, 1901 год. Издание Н. М. Глаголева. Владельческий переплет. Со

Коллектив PwC (0+) МСФО: вопросы применения. Практическое руководство в двух частях

Настоящая книга подготовлена исключительно для создания общего представления об обсуждаемом в ней пр

Robert R. Moeller IT Audit, Control, and Security

When it comes to computer security, the role of auditors today has never been more crucial. Auditors

Jon Gregory Counterparty Credit Risk. The new challenge for global financial markets

The first decade of the 21st Century has been disastrous for financial institutions, derivatives and

David Parker International Valuation Standards. A Guide to the Valuation of Real Property Assets

International Valuation Standards: a guide to the valuation of real property assets is an essential

Moorad Choudhry The Principles of Banking

The ultimate guide for bank management: how to survive and thrive throughout the business cycle An e

Antonio Castagna FX Options and Smile Risk

The FX options market represents one of the most liquid and strongly competitive markets in the worl

Ansgar Steland Financial Statistics and Mathematical Finance. Methods, Models and Applications

Mathematical finance has grown into a huge area of research which requires a lot of care and a large

William Rothwell J. Performance Consulting. Applying Performance Improvement in Human Resource Development

Praise for Performance Consulting «You hold in your hands an outstanding portrayal of the half-centu

Richard Flavell R. Swaps and Other Derivatives

Richard Flavell has a strong theoretical perspective on swaps with considerable practical experience

Ian Copsey Harmonic Elliott Wave. The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliott's Impulsive Wave Structure

An update to the Elliot Wave Principle that corrects a fundamental error The Elliot Wave Principle h

David Ley Millionaire Migrants. Trans-Pacific Life Lines

Based on extensive interviewing and access to a wide range of databases, this is an examination of t

Mark Daskin S. Network and Discrete Location. Models, Algorithms, and Applications

Praise for the First Edition This book is refreshing to read since it takes an important topic… and

Dennis Cox Handbook of Anti-Money Laundering

Effectively implement comprehensive anti-money laundering regulations Handbook of Anti-Money Launder

Christian Szylar Handbook of Market Risk


Yves Mouton Organic Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering

This book provides an inventory of organic materials and products, the major components of all civil

Eunika Mercier-Laurent Innovation Ecosystems

With innovation fast becoming omnipresent and part of strategic matters, there is a growing need to

Sunil Shah Sustainable Refurbishment

This guide to green 'retro-fitting' for corporate real estate, facility managers and occupiers strug

Colin Jones Office Markets and Public Policy

This is the first book that looks at how offices and office markets in cities have changed over the

Peter Wyatt Property Valuation

This new edition of the ‘all in one' textbook for the postgraduate study of valuation on real estate

Robert Chapman J. Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management

Your business reputation can take years to build—and mere minutes to destroy The range of business t

Stephen Arbogast V. Resisting Corporate Corruption. Cases in Practical Ethics From Enron Through The Financial Crisis

Taking a unique approach to business ethics unlike the typical focus on conceptual/legal frameworks,

Robert Slee T. Private Capital Markets. Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Interests

Praise for Private Capital Markets Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Inter

Wayne Talley K. The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics

The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics presents comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the en

Moorad Choudhry Fixed-Income Securities and Derivatives Handbook

The definitive guide to fixed-come securities-revised to reflect today’s dynamic financial environme

Marida Bertocchi Optimizing the Aging, Retirement, and Pensions Dilemma

A straightforward guide focused on life cycle investing-namely aging, retirement, and pensions Life

Gordon Peery F. The Post-Reform Guide to Derivatives and Futures

An in-depth look at the best ways to navigate the post-reform world of derivatives and futures The d

Manesh Patel Trading with Ichimoku Clouds. The Essential Guide to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Technical Analysis

The essential guide to today’s hottest technical indicator-the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo cloud chart Ichimo

Scott Nations The Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations. Strategies for Income Generation, Directional Moves, and Risk Reduction

Get a handle on option spreads to hike profit and squash loss The Complete Book of Option Spreads an

Cormac Butler Accounting for Financial Instruments

This practical book shows how to deal with the complicated area of accounting of financial instrumen

Luc Nijs Mezzanine Financing. Tools, Applications and Total Performance

An in-depth explanation of mezzanine finance Mezzanine finance products, which have grown increasing

Peter Tryde Timing Solutions for Swing Traders. Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis and Financial Astrology

A unique new approach to trading based on financial analysis and financial astrology Timing Solution

Craig Zawada C. The Price Advantage

A comprehensive look at creating pricing strategies that work in both good economic times and bad Wr

Erik Laykin Investigative Computer Forensics. The Practical Guide for Lawyers, Accountants, Investigators, and Business Executives

Having worked with Erik on some of the most challenging computer forensic investigations during the

Elaine Biech The 2012 Pfeiffer Annual. Training

The Leader in Resources for Training & HR Professionals for the Past Four Decades For 40 years, The

Paolo Brandimarte Handbook in Monte Carlo Simulation. Applications in Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Economics

An accessible treatment of Monte Carlo methods, techniques, and applications in the field of finance

Christian Szylar Risk Management under UCITS III / IV. New Challenges for the Fund Industry

Risk Management under UCITS III/IV shows how asset managers, fund administrators, management compani

Stanley Weiss I. Product and Systems Development. A Value Approach

A thorough treatment of product and systems development in terms of value to all stakeholders Produc

Thomas Taylor A. Guide to LEED 2009 Estimating and Preconstruction Strategies

This guide walks the reader step by step through the LEED 2009 for New Construction process, offerin

Joseph Wells T. Internet Fraud Casebook. The World Wide Web of Deceit

Real case studies on Internet fraud written by real fraud examiners Internet Fraud Casebook: The Wor

Michael Jones J. Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals

Business scandals are always with us from the South Sea Bubble to Enron and Parmalat. As accounting

Corine Cohen Business Intelligence. The Effectiveness of Strategic Intelligence and its Impact on the Performance of Organizations

Following a long process of qualitative, quantitative, and empirical research next to Strategic Inte

Igor Ushakov A. Probabilistic Reliability Models

Practical Approaches to Reliability Theory in Cutting-Edge Applications Probabilistic Reliability Mo

Stefano Iacus M. Option Pricing and Estimation of Financial Models with R

Presents inference and simulation of stochastic process in the field of model calibration for financ

Eugene Durenard A. Professional Automated Trading. Theory and Practice

An insider’s view of how to develop and operate an automated proprietary trading network Reflecting

John D. W. Morecroft Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics. A feedback systems approach

Insightful modelling of dynamic systems for better business strategy The business environment is con

Emmett Stuart Green Supply Chains. An Action Manifesto

Stuart Emmett and Vivek Sood’s book provides a clear strategic overview and actionable plan for the

Sandy Schuman The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups. How They Are Difficult, Why They Are Difficult and What You Can Do About It

WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED the challenges associated with working with groups, but The Handbook for Worki

David Belmont P. Managing Hedge Fund Risk and Financing. Adapting to a New Era

The ultimate guide to dealing with hedge fund risk in a post-Great Recession world Hedge funds have

Alfred King M. Internal Control of Fixed Assets. A Controller and Auditor's Guide

For many companies, fixed assets represent the largest single aspect of their financial statement, y

John Hoschette A. The Career Guide Book for Engineers

The Engineer’s Career Guide John A. Hoschette The complete, one-stop career resource guide for engin

Andrew M. Chisholm Derivatives Demystified. A Step-by-Step Guide to Forwards, Futures, Swaps and Options

Derivatives are everywhere in the modern world and it is important for everyone in banking, investme

James Gardner A Innovation and the Future Proof Bank. A Practical Guide to Doing Different Business-as-Usual

Innovation, the conversion of the new to business as usual, is a very special business process. It i

Steven Bragg M. Accounting Control Best Practices

Praise for Accounting Control Best Practices, Second Edition «A comprehensive, well-organized refere

Steven Bragg M. Controllership. The Work of the Managerial Accountant

Today’s controllers are no longer seen as technicians who process transactions; they are now seen as

Elaine Biech The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual. Consulting

This handy resource is a ready-made toolkit of ideas, methods, techniques, and models that assist an

Clark Aldrich The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games. How the Most Valuable Content Will be Created in the Age Beyond Gutenberg to Google

Ready to blow your mind? Spend 15 seconds reading Clark Aldrich’s The Complete Guide to Simulations

Ronald Baker J. Implementing Value Pricing. A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms

Praise for Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms «Ron Baker is

Maria Davis K. Accounting for Real Estate Transactions. A Guide For Public Accountants and Corporate Financial Professionals

Accounting for Real Estate Transactions, Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference gu

Malcolm Kemp Market Consistency. Model Calibration in Imperfect Markets

Achieving market consistency can be challenging, even for the most established finance practitioners

Yoram Koren The Global Manufacturing Revolution. Product-Process-Business Integration and Reconfigurable Systems

The concrete tools manufacturing enterprises need to thrive in today’s global environment For a manu

Grant Newton W. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Volume 1. Practice and Procedure

Accountants and financial managers are often the first professionals to realize that a financial pro

Steven Bragg M. Treasury Management. The Practitioner's Guide

Praise for Treasury Management The Practitioner’s Guide «Steven Bragg has written a broad-based look

Xin Xie Full View Integrated Technical Analysis. A Systematic Approach to Active Stock Market Investing

A fresh approach to technical analysis utilizing a full view (multi-time frame) integrated analytica

Moorad Choudhry Structured Credit Products. Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation

Updated coverage of structured credit products with in-depth coverage of the latest developments Str

Philip Bromiley The Behavioral Foundations of Strategic Management

This book argues persuasively that a behavioral perspective offers the best foundation for strategic

Alpesh Patel The Online Trading Cookbook

The Online Trading Cookbook is a unique resource for busy online traders of all levels, addressing t

Vicki Sauter L. Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence

Praise for the First Edition «This is the most usable decision support systems text. [i]t is far bet

M. Merrill David First Principles of Instruction

This handy resource describes and illustrates the concepts underlying the «First Principles of Instr

Manoj Thulasidas Principles of Quantitative Development

Principles of Quantitative Development is a practical guide to designing, building and deploying a t

R. Subramani Venkata Accounting for Investments, Equities, Futures and Options

The 2008 financial crisis highlighted the need for responsible corporate governance within financial

Riccardo Rebonato Coherent Stress Testing. A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Financial Stress

In Coherent Stress Testing: A Bayesian Approach, industry expert Riccardo Rebonato presents a ground

Karl Keegan Biotechnology Valuation. An Introductory Guide

The first book to provide a simple and practical means of valuing biotech companies The book begins

K. H. Spencer Pickett The Internal Auditing Handbook

The first edition of The Internal Auditing Handbook received wide acclaim from readers and became es

Kairat Mynbaev T. Short-Memory Linear Processes and Econometric Applications

This book serves as a comprehensive source of asymptotic results for econometric models with determi

Michael Allen W. Michael Allen's 2012 e-Learning Annual

The field of e-learning continues to experience dramatic and turbulent growth. Over time, as technol

Judith Hale Performance-Based Certification. How to Design a Valid, Defensible, Cost-Effective Program

Are your employees qualified? Looking for qualified people to do competent work? How do you ensure t

Edwin Locke Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior. Indispensable Knowledge for Evidence-Based Management

There is a strong movement today in management to encourage management practices based on research e

Victor Rudenno The Mining Valuation Handbook. Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management

The essential guide to investing in mining opportunities, now in its Fourth Edition A comprehensive

Joseph Wells T. Computer Fraud Casebook. The Bytes that Bite

This one-of-a-kind collection consists of actual cases written by fraud examiners out in the field.

Frans Weert de Bank and Insurance Capital Management

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, capital management has become a critical factor in value c

William Horton e-Learning by Design

Since the first edition of E-learning by Design, e-learning has evolved rapidly and fringe technique

William Lalli R. Handbook of Budgeting

No other management tool provides the operational direction that a well-planned budget can. Now in a

Karl Weick E. Making Sense of the Organization, Volume 2. The Impermanent Organization

Making Sense of the Organization elaborates on the influential idea that organizations are interpret

Geoff Chaplin Credit Derivatives. Trading, Investing,and Risk Management

The credit derivatives industry has come under close scrutiny over the past few years, with the rece

Paul Kaplan D. Frontiers of Modern Asset Allocation

Innovative approaches to putting asset allocation into practice Building on more than 15 years of as

Chia Tan Demystifying Exotic Products. Interest Rates, Equities and Foreign Exchange

In recent times, derivatives have been inaccurately labelled the financial weapons of mass destructi

John Fraser Implementing Enterprise Risk Management. Case Studies and Best Practices

Overcome ERM implementation challenges by taking cues from leading global organizations Implementing

Gordian Gaeta Opportunities in Emerging Markets. Investing in the Economies of Tomorrow

The practical guide to investing in emerging markets Though potentially risky, investing in emerging

William Preinitz Intermediate Structured Finance Modeling. Leveraging Excel, VBA, Access, and Powerpoint

This book provides a pragmatic, hands-on approach to reaching an intermediate level of sophisticatio

Scott Nations Options Math for Traders. How To Pick the Best Option Strategies for Your Market Outlook

A practical guide to the math behind options and how that knowledge can improve your trading perform

Katharine Bagshaw Audit and Assurance Essentials. For Professional Accountancy Exams

An accessible beginner’s guide to the fundamentals of audit and assurance Audit and assurance is a b

Michael Zwecher J. Retirement Portfolios. Theory, Construction and Management

Retirement portfolio guidance for finance professionals Retirement is one of the most important part

Alexander Elder The New Trading for a Living. Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management

The best-selling trading book of all time—updated for the new era The New Trading for a Living updat

Kirt Butler C. Multinational Finance. Evaluating Opportunities, Costs, and Risks of Operations

An in-depth treatment of the international financial arena Multinational Finance, Fifth Edition assu

Clive Corcoran M. Systemic Liquidity Risk and Bipolar Markets. Wealth Management in Today's Macro Risk On / Risk Off Financial Environment

The dramatic and well chronicled crisis of 2007/8 marked a watershed moment for all stakeholders in

Jacques Lussier Successful Investing Is a Process. Structuring Efficient Portfolios for Outperformance

A process-driven approach to investment management that lets you achieve the same high gains as the

Robert Kolb W. Lessons from the Financial Crisis. Causes, Consequences, and Our Economic Future

The world’s best financial minds help us understand today’s financial crisis With so much informatio

R. Johnson Stafford Bond Evaluation, Selection, and Management

A fully revised guide to fixed income securities that reflects current market conditions The Second

Steven Heston L. The Heston Model and its Extensions in Matlab and C#

Tap into the power of the most popular stochastic volatility model for pricing equity derivatives Si

Fitch Learning CFA level I Exam Companion. The Fitch Learning / Wiley Study Guide to Getting the Most Out of the CFA Institute Curriculum

Providing exam focus and knowledge application makes The CFA® Level I Exam Companion the most effect

Robert Kolb W. Financial Contagion. The Viral Threat to the Wealth of Nations

Financial Contagion: The Viral Threat to the Wealth of Nations covers a lot of territory. It is, of

Roger Stein M. Active Credit Portfolio Management in Practice

State-of-the-art techniques and tools needed to facilitate effective credit portfolio management and

Charles Tapiero S. Risk Finance and Asset Pricing. Value, Measurements, and Markets

A comprehensive guide to financial engineering that stresses real-world applications Financial engin

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